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The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.
George Bernard Shaw
Reach Luxury Travelers
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The luxury travel industry has changed significantly over the past decade. Premier hotel chains offer not only exceptional accommodations and amenities but are shipping to provide unique experiences for the luxury traveler. Custom published magazines of luxury brands such as Waldorf Astoria, St. Regis and the Four Seasons reach luxury travelers every day of the year across the globe with placement in their rooms and suites.

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Beyond is a new twice-yearly magazine for guests staying at all 33 St. Regis Hotels and Resorts around the world. Intelligent, stylish and ambitious, Beyond reflects the interests, values and passions of the St. Regis guest. It offers readers a global point of view whilst inspiring them to experience what’s unique, exciting and extraordinary, wherever they’re staying. Combining bold photography and art direction with great journalism from an international stable of leading writers, Beyond will cover art and collecting, food and wine, fashion and luxury and, of course, travel, with insight – and a sense of wonder.

Published – 2X per year
Median Age – 50
Male-Female – 60%-40%
HHI – $250,000
Distribution – 6,913 St. Regis rooms worldwide

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An exclusive opportunity to reach the world’s most discerning luxury travelers, everyday worldwide. Published twice a year and placed in the elegant guest rooms of over 20 landmark hotels and resorts, Waldorf-Astoria Magazine is a combination of inspiring architecture, design, the arts, style and unique travel experiences. It captivates its affluent, sophisticated and highly discerning readers through rich content that reflects their lifestyle. Combining a sophisticated understanding of the exclusive tastes in fashion, culture and entertainment of Waldorf Astoria guests with sumptuous suggestions for how they can spoil each other, and themselves. The editorial principle is one of fresh inspiration and forward-thinking luxury, coupled with breathtaking imagery and stunning design. Featured advertising is drawn from the watch, real estate, wine and spirits, jewelry, automobile, fashion, travel accessories, home and electronics categories.

Published – 2X per year
Median Age – 47
Male-Female – 51%-49%
HHI – $300,000 +
Distribution – In-Room 28 hotels worldwide

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