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The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.
Sir Henry Royce
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The world of luxury goes much deeper than cars, yachts and resorts and Luxe Communications works closely with a number of lifestyle magazines that embody the luxury lifestyle.  From equestrian to golf to general affluence, we successfully target luxury from every conceivable avenue.

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This coffee-table magazine is tailored to the lifestyle led by its readers. Equestrian Quarterly readers enjoy a shared pride in their homes, farms, and ranches—and of course their revered horses. They spend generously on travel, vacation homes, jewelry, automobiles, high-end fashion, and other luxury items. Equestrian Quarterly, the definitive magazine of country life, was selected by American Horse Publications as the best equestrian magazine in America in its inaugural year. The content is an elegant mix of fashion, art, and serious horsemanship articles. Frequent advertisers include brands from the fashion, real estate, art, home and barn design and construction, tack, equestrian events and equestrian nutrition.

Published – 4X per year
Median Age – 47
Male-Female – 20%-80%
HHI – $500,000+
Distribution – 30,000

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Luxury Magazine, the quarterly publication available exclusively to holders of the Luxury Card by Master Card. Both timely and evergreen in its appeal, each story aims to expand on cardmembers’ already wide array of interests and passions. Every issue covers a broad range of categories showcasing bespoke products and services—from travel and fashion to home design, real estate, transportation, and technology. And a distinguishable feature of our signature publication is that every issue also showcases an artist’s work as the cover art, delivering cardmembers a limited-edition collector’s item. Luxury Magazine is the ideal publication for the sought-after demographic of sophisticated individuals.

Frequent advertising is drawn from the watch, jewelry, travel, real estate, spirits, automobiles, home and fine art categories.

Published – 4X per year
Median Age – 42
Male-Female – 51%-49%
HHI – $415,000
Distribution – 100,000+ Luxury Card holders

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Members of Club Corp access the luxe life through Private Clubs, the award-winning luxury magazine designed to keep affluent, influential readers in the know. Engaging and entertaining articles take readers around the world, tee-up golf tips from the game’s best, dish out mouthwatering recipes from club chefs, showcase what’s new in wine and spirits, size up the hottest new cars, and much more. With each issue, Private Clubs engages readers through sophisticated editorials, photography and design, and dialogue that reflects Club Corp member’s interests and experiences. Frequent advertising is presented from the travel, real estate, financial services, events and spirit categories.

Published – 4X per year
Median Age – 55
Male-Female – 79%-21%
HHI – $256,000
Distribution – 205,000 Club Corp members

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Bombardier is a world leader in aviation, producing the Learjet, Challenger and Global brands of private aircraft. Owners of these celebrated jets receive Experience at their homes and C-Suite offices by way of a carefully guarded distribution list. To appear in the pages of Experience is to receive a personal invitation into the lives of the wealthiest demographic on earth.  The editorial and design of the magazine reflect the global savvy of this readership, exploring an elite world of innovation, design, travel, gastronomy, fashion and philanthropy reserved only for those with the financial capacity to acquire the best that the world has to offer.

Published – 4X per year
Median Age – 54
Male-Female – 98%-2%
HHI – $50 million
Distribution – 13,500 private jet owners.

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