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Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.
Frank Chimero
Creative Strategists
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As a full service creative agency, we strive to keep things innovative as well as in line with your brand’s messaging.  We will strategizes and implement the ideal approach to meet the goals you set for your brand’s marketing campaign.

Video Creation
Luxe Communications video creatives will craft video stories, document your live events, create live feeds, edit and deliver high-quality professional videos for your brand.
We have access to fantastic photographers that can push your brands visual outreach to the next level.
Web Design and Development
We are a full service digital design and development team that can deliver on your digital needs, whether full site development, micro-sites, landing pages, digital creative and more.
Graphic Design
Our creative team of designers are ready to deliver your brand’s new messaging with logos, design, branding concept and anything that needs a skilled design touch.
Writing and Storytelling
Allow our talented group of writers to craft your brands story with an eye on reaching consumers and connecting on a personal level.
Public Relations
We have a team of marketing specialists who can craft the perfect press releases, or special events for your next brand push.

Kick start your luxury marketing campaign

We can develop the right plan to target the right audience for your luxury brand